25: Forever Young

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An ode to my friends in the last year of our youth.

It started out as test footage for my new camera & audio equipment. While reviewing the footage, I played it over Youth Group’s cover of Forever Young & realised that it fit. Thus began my mission shooting & interviewing my friends over the next couple of months (though at the time they were unaware of what I was doing).

All those interviewed were 25 at the time of shooting; the rest were either 25, getting there, or 25 at heart 🙂


Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3



SLR Magic HyperPrime Cine 25mm T0.95

Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm F2.8

Fujian CCTV Lens 25mm F1.4

Fujian CCTV Lens 35mm F1.7

Fujian CCTV Lens 50mm F1.4



Sennheiser G3 + SKM Wireless Mic system



None (handheld) + DIY shoulder rig

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